Central New Mexico Local Section


2016-17 New Mexico You Be The Chemist Challenge:  (grades 5-8) If you are interested in getting your school involved in the 2016-17 Challenge, please reply to this message and we will get back to you in late summer before classes start with more information. You can see full information on the 2015-16 Challenge on the CEF website:http://www.chemed.org/programs/challenge/ 



September 3, 10, and 17 (Thursday)


Several years ago the ACS helped encourage the development of a PBS program with the title of “Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements” (http://mystery-of-matter.blogspot.com/).  Now at last that three part series is completed and different PBS stations will be showing it.  KNME will initially broadcast it on KNME channel 9.1 on the following schedule:


    Into The Atom (1910-1960)

        Friday, August 21, 12:00 am on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD

        Friday, August 21, 08:00 am on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD 

        Friday, August 21, 02:00 pm on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD 

    Out of Thin Air (1754-1806)

        Friday, August 21, 06:00 am on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD

        Friday, August 21, 12:00 pm on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD

    Unruly Elements (1859-1902)

        Friday, August 21, 07:00 am on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD

        Friday, August 21, 01:00 pm on KNMD-HD 9.1 WORLD


KNME then plans to broadcast it on channel 5.1 on 9/3, 9/10, and 9/17 (Thursdays) at 7:00pm.


September 16 (Wednesday)

At our recent Executive Committee meeting I mentioned the potential of Madeleine Jacobs, former ACS Executive Director, coming to New Mexico to make a pitch for the ACS Scholars program.  Kathleen Schulz (ACS Board of Directors) will be hosting that event at her residence in Albuquerque.  Invitations have gone out so some of yalls may have received.  If you didn’t get an invitation but would like to hear more about contributing to that program I’d imagine that Kathleen (<kschulz@comcast.net>) would be happy to extend you an invitation.


September 28 or 29 (Monday or Tuesday)

Joe Vinson (Univ of Scranton – Northeast Pennsylvania) will be an arranged tour speaker for us and three other western ACS local sections.    


October 2, 2015 (Friday)


Rio Grande Symposium on Advanced Materials in Albuquerque.


October 18-24 (Sunday – Saturday)


National Chemistry Week – “Chemistry Colors Our World” theme



October – near Halloween (Friday)


High-Tech Halloween at the Los Alamos Bradbury Science Museum


November 14, 2015 (Saturday)


Annual symposium for the New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS) and New Mexico's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR).  


Los Alamos Science on Tap – TBD


Albuquerque Science on Tap - TBD


The next Albuquerque Science on Tap is Thursday, August 6  at Yanni’s.  The topic is “Trinity Test: 70 Years Later”. http://scienceontapnm.blogspot.com/