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Los Alamos Science on Tap – Thursday, December 17 at 5:30 PM


Recognition of Outstanding New Mexico Science Teachers


New Mexico 50-year Members


Magdalena NM School District – Request for Student Assistance


Local Section Officers for 2015


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I.          Los Alamos Science on Tap – Thursday, December 17 at 5:30 PM


Our Local Section will be co-hosting this month’s “Science on Tap” event in Los Alamos:


5:30 pm on Thursday, December 17, 2015 @ the UnQuarked Wine Room

Bryce Tappan, LANL High Explosives Science and Technology Group. 

“Next-generation Rocket Propellants”


Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists recently flight tested a new rocket design that includes a high-energy fuel and a motor design that also delivers a high degree of safety.  "What we're trying to do is break the performance versus sensitivity curve, and make a rocket that's both very high-energy, as well as very safe," said Bryce Tappan, an energetic materials chemist at LANL. "Typically, when you look at a propellant that's high-performance, it's not as safe a material."

The new rocket fuel and motor design adds a higher degree of safety by separating the fuel from the oxidizer, both novel formulations that are, by themselves, not able to detonate.  "Because the fuel is physically separated from the oxidizer," said Tappan, "you can utilize higher-energy propellants."


This event will be held at the UnQuarked Wine Room (145 Central Park Square) in Los Alamos (http://www.unquarkedwine.com/).  Our Local Section will be providing a limited number of complimentary glass of wine / non-alcoholic drink tickets to event attendees.  As well there will be a limited quantity of complimentary appetizers available.  Additional wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and appetizers / food choices will be available for purchase by attendees.


The “Science On Tap” series is sponsored by the Los Alamos Creative District and occurs on the third Thursday of every month and is organized by the Bradbury Science Museum.  Additional information on this and other “On Tap” series is available through the Los Alamos Creative District website (http://www.creativelosalamos.com/) and the Bradbury Science Museum website (http://www.lanl.gov/museum/index.shtml).



II.        Recognition of Outstanding New Mexico Science Teachers


Our Local Section joined the New Mexico Academy of Science in recognizing two New Mexico science teachers for their outstanding accomplishments.  Ms. Turtle Haste was recognized during the November 14, 2015 NMAS NM EPSCoR Symposium in Albuquerque and Ms. Anna Suggs was recognized at the New Mexico Science Teachers Association meeting in Hobbs.


Ms. Turtle Haste, Desert Ridge Middle School, Albuquerque


Ms. Haste has been teaching science for 25 years and currently teaches 7th and 8th grade science at Desert Ridge Middle School in Albuquerque. She has a B.S. in Physical Geography from the University of Central Missouri and a Masters in Science Education from Oregon State University.


She is a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent Science. She holds a NASA Endeavor Fellow STEM Certificate from Columbia University Teacher College. In 2007 she was a NOAA Teacher at Sea, in 2014-2015 she was named a Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow, and in 2015 she was honored as one of the New Mexico Women of STEM for her contributions in motivating young women to pursue education and careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Haste is known for her connections with researchers around the world, showing her students how the topics they study are being explored by scientists. Her students have exchanged e-mails, packages and the occasional video hook-up with researchers in Antarctica. Student work on a sun shadows project—measuring the length of shadows at different locations around the world at consistent times between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice—was the first middle school science project ever accepted for presentation to the American Geophysical Union, the major annual professional meeting for geophysicists.


She has taught the summer program for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (held at Stanford University) from 2005 to 2015. She has participated in the American Meteorological Society DatasStreme Project from 2010 to 2015 (serving as Local Literacy Implementation Team (LIT) coordinator for New Mexico) and the NOAA Climate Stewards Educational program from 2011 to 2015 (with involvement through project wiki, professional development opportunities focusing on climate, on-line digital meetings, sponsoring a local climate stewardship project, and serving on the Teacher at Sea initial applicant review committee).


Her nominator for the NMAS Award said the following about her: “She uses her curiosity, knowledge, and awe of the physical world around her to instill excitement in her students. When she introduces basic and very important scientific concepts, she does so in fun and entertaining ways.”


Ms. Anna Suggs, Zia Middle School, Las Cruces


Anna Suggs has been a sixth grade teacher for 21 years. For the last 15 years, she has been teaching sixth grade science at Zia Middle School in Las Cruces NM. She has a B.S. in agricultural animal science and an M.A. in curriculum and instruction, both from New Mexico State University.


During her tenure at Zia Middle School, she has been instrumental in implementing and participating in multiple afterschool science and technology programs, including the following: SEMAA (Science, Engineering Math and Aerospace Academy) through New Mexico State University; GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) Computer Program; BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) Robotics Teams; and the Technology Students Association.  Her students at Zia also have worked in coordination with Spaceport America to build and launch small rockets carrying payloads.


Her desire to inspire young scientists has led to her (and her students’) participation in the NASA Remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Program in cooperation with Goddard Space F;ight Center.  Ms. Suggs and her students have been doing research at White Sands National Monument for 5 years. The research was to determine the impact of human activity on the dune field and the students worked with satellite data and a small UAV flown by the local model airplane club. This research has involved hundreds of students as well as teachers, university personnel, members of the model airplane club, and parents. She has also frequently taught other science teachers at summer institutes and science conferences.


In 2015, she received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, one of only 102 mathematics and science teachers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense Education Activity to receive the award.


Ms. Suggs said the award is affirmation and inspiration to her, "The award affirms that the years of hard work, of constantly refining the art of teaching science, have been recognized," she said. "The inspiration is that, now that I have the award, I must continue work to empower my students and colleagues with a love of science and learning."



III.       New Mexico 50-year Members


We would like to recognize the following New Mexico members who celebrate 50-years of membership in 2015.


Donald K. Brandvold



Kenneth R. Ashley

Los Alamos

Arnold M. Crelier


Morton L. Lieberman



Patricia L. Mahoney


Susan B. Roth

Los Alamos

Gloria T. Semenuk



Robert W. Weeks Jr.

Los Alamos

Lloyd P. Holmes


Kathleen B. Hogan

Las Cruces






IV.       Magdalena NM School District – Request for Student Assistance


Our Local Section has received an inquiry via ACS for assistance for three Lego student projects involving process chemical engineering being worked on by students in the Magdalena NM School District.  If you would be willing to exchange some e-mails or Skype conversations with the involved student teams please contact Mary Singleton (maryhas@juno.com) or Donivan Porterfield (dporterfield@lanl.gov) so that we may put you in contact with the sponsoring teacher.



V.        Local Section Officers for 2015


The following are our 2015 Local Section Officers.  Please feel free to contact them for information or suggestions regarding the Local Section or ACS in general.






Donivan Porterfield (LANL)



Karen Schultz Paige (LANL)



Kristin Omberg (LANL)



Fu-Sen Liang (UNM)



Andrea Ambrosini (SNL)



Steven Showalter (SNL)



Kristin Omberg (LANL)



Rudolph Magyar (SNL)



Kristin Omberg (LANL)



Donivan Porterfield (LANL)


Alternate Councilors

Ron Clark (Cycad Products)



Rudolph Magyar (SNL)




VI.       Control those ACS e-mail messages


Through the ACS web page you can unsubscribe or even subscribe to more e-mail messages from Society offices regarding various activities and membership benefits.  Once you have logged into the ACS web site using your member information you will notice a small link on top right hand that is labeled as “My Account”.  Clicking the “My Account” will open up a page with a number of additional links among which you will find “Manage Email Subscriptions”.  Clicking that link will present a web page through which you can control your receipt of a number of different Society offices e-mail messages.

VII.      Changes of Address


The distribution of our Local Section newsletter is dependent on accurate e-mail and US mail addresses being supplied to the ACS.  Address changes can be submitted to ACS through the following means: service@acs.org, (800) 227-5558, or logging in to www.acs.org.


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